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Jiebang International Trade(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. It has 5 independent corporations in China. The company’s headquarters is based on Tianjin, close to the Beijing city, the capital of China. We are a large manufacturer & Export industry company. Tianjin Port is the largest integrated port and important foreign trade port in the north of China. We established long term and stable business relationship with 19 countries all over the world by its unique geographical location. And so far we have 5 branches and 3 factories in the world to fulfill the requirements of our clients.
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Technical Information
  • 06-15
    We successfully passed the ISO9001 International Quality Man..
  • 06-06
    In order to expand the overseas markets, every department of Jiebang International Trade(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd departmen..
We successfully passed the ISO9001 International Q..
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